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 Eastern Mountain Sports, Inc.                        -           Corporate Headquarters and Warehouse   Scarborough & Company, Inc.                        -           Corporate Headquarters and

                                                                                      Warehouse                                                   Crabtree & Evelyn, Ltd.                                 -           Corporate  Headquarters and Warehouse

 K. J. Quinn, Inc.                                             -           Corporate Headquarters and Labs

 Olem Corporation, Inc.                                   -           Warehouse

 Draper Energy, Inc.                                        -           Mobile Car Wash

  Draper Energy, Inc.                                       -             Convenience Store Additions and


Antrim Fire Station                                         -           New Municipal Fire Station

 Mann House, Town of Mason, NH                -           Renovation Building for Town Offices

 Grant Plastics, Inc.                                          -           Corporate Headquarters and Warehouse

 Grant Plastics, Inc.                                          -           Warehouse Addition

 Thomas F. Moran, Inc.                                    -           Surveyor’s Office Addition

 Fairfield's Auto Dealerships                           -           Three Auto Dealerships Campus Setting

 Crown Plaza Nashua, NH                               -           Business Suites Addition

 Korsak Reality                                                -           Design Build 12 Story Mixed Use

                                                                                     (not completed)

 Karstan Construction                                      -           Design Build Elderly Apartments

                                                                                    (never built)

 Wilton Town Hall, NH                                   -           Historical Renovations to Town Offices

 Lyndeborough Town Hall, NH                      -           Renovations to Town Offices

Howard Johnson Motel, Nashua, NH              -           New     Lopbby

 Eastern Mountain Sports, Inc.                        -           Retail Stors Arounf the Country

 The Rugged Bear, Inc.                                    -           Retail Stores in NH, MA, and CT

 The Pyramid Companies                                 -           Retail Work for Mall Developer

 T. J. Development                                           -            Seven Small Condo Projects

 Swirlit Yogurt                                                 -           Retail Store T.I.

 Crystal Reception Hall                                    -           Banquet Hall Renovation

 Riggs Ellsworth & Potter                                -           Law Office T.I.

 Sequoia Charter Schools                                 -           Minor Remodeling Various Buildings

 Edkey                                                              -           Conversion of Daycare Bldg to K-6     

 SanTan Irrigation district                                -           Storage Building Addition

 Encanto Office Building                                -            Building Rehab






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